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Treeline USA

Wall Street Journal Recognition

Brigham City Light & Power has been named a Tree Line USA utility for the last five years in recognition to our leadership in caring for trees while meeting service objectives.

Trees make our community more livable, increase property values, and help clean the air. Trees conserve energy, which is especially important to Brigham City Light & Power as peak demand is reduced.

Our effort in meeting Tree Line USA requirements include training our workers in quality tree care practices and helping our customers to plant appropriate trees near utility lines. This not only helps to provide beautiful trees for the future, but also results in long term operational savings for Brigham City Light & Power.

Brigham City Light & Power was recognized at the 2005 Tree Line USA awards ceremonies in Omaha Nebraska. This was a great opportunity for our utility to receive the well deserved national recognition for their efforts.

Brigham City Light & Power works closely with Brigham City Shade Tree Commission and its' City Forester in working on and protecting trees. Brigham City Corporation has been awarded the Tree City USA status annually since 1987. The committment to the City Forest can be illustrated by the combined effort to preserve 236 Londen Plane Trees using contract arborists, with City crews providing cleaning and the Power Company turning power off along the street as necessary for the effort. This effort was recognized by Brigham City's Mayor and Council by awarding the crews a Team Ambassador Award and those individuals who worked daily on the project received the Mayor's Award.