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Special Event Information

Special Events

A Special Event is defined as:

  1. An event planned to take place on Brigham City property where the general public is invited; or
  2. An event that involves the blocking of public streets or sidewalks; or
  3. An event where City assistance is requested; or
  4. An event that is considered a mass gathering under the Utah Mass Gathering Law. (An event, public or private, that involves more than 500 people in one place that is not under normal circumstances suited to handle that many people and where people are expected to remain there for more than two hours).

Examples of Special Events include but are not limited to:

  • Car shows held in City parks.
  • Concerts in parks
  • Events using City streets or sidewalks such as parades, running events, bicycle races, etc.
  • Overnight Scout-A-Rama
  • Fundraising events

Example of Events NOT considered to be Special Events include, but are not limited to:

  • Employee parties for a specific business entity at a City park - not open to the general public
  • Family reunions in a City park - not open to the general public
  • Socials or gatherings at private facilities designed to handle the number of attendees - not open to the general public
  • Socials or gatherings at public facilities unless required by Utah Mass Gathering Law - not open to the general public

If, after reading the above information, your event is qualified as a Special Event, you may fill out this form: Special Event Application or for more information, please contact the Community Activities and Services Department at 435-734-6610.