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Recycling bins are located at 820 N. Watery Lane. Bins are available for paper, cardboard, metal and plastic recycling. The black roll-off bins are emptied Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Hours of Operation for recycling, green waste and waste lumber is 7:00am to 7:00pm April through September and 8:00am to 6:00pm October through March.

Office paper, phone books, paperback books, and most types of paper are acceptable for recycling. Paper with any kind of grease or food products is not acceptable for recycling.

Please collapse any cardboard boxes or containers so the bins don't fill up so fast. Boxes should not be left on the ground around the bins.

Any plastic is acceptable, but keep in mind that styrofoam is NOT plastic. Please do not place styrofoam cups, packing peanuts, or other packing material in the plastic bin.

Contact Information:

Jason Ketsdever
Street Supervisor
Office:  (435) 226-1438

Email:  Jason Ketsdever


Jolene Crockett
Administrative Assistant
Office: (435) 734-6615

Email: Jolene Crockett