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Museum Schedule of Exhibits

October 10 - Artists' Reception, Plein Air Exhibition

4 p.m. Refreshments. Public invited.

October 17 through December 12 - Between the Wars: The Great Depression in Northern Utah

      When the stock market crashed on Tuesday, Oct. 29, 1929, “Black Tuesday” triggered the Great Depression. Initially the event was referred to as an economic slump, a passing incident in our national lives and an economic downturn. Unfortunately, Americans would experience the longest, deepest and most widespread depression of the 20th century.


           Utah was among the states hit hardest by the Great Depression that lasted until the late 1930s. Black-and-white photographs as well as artifacts that document these difficult times are featured in the exhibit. Images of the disastrous Willard flood in 1923 are also included. Admission is free.

December 19, 2015 through January 20, 2016 - Northern Utah Camera Club

January 28 through March 16 - Spirited: Prohibition in America

This national traveling exhibition is from NEH on the Road, and it brings visitors back to the period of flappers and suffragists, bootleggers and temperance lobbyists, and real-life legends such as Al Capone and Carry Nation.

June 17 through August 31, 2016 - International Quilt Invitational Exhibition

Participants will be Roberta Baker, California; Rosalie Baker, Iowa; Jenny Bowker, Australia; Helen Butler, Utah; Mary Buvia, Indiana; Stephanie Crawford, United Kingdom; Aileyn Ecob, California; Cynthia England, Texas; Grace Errea, California; Marcia Eygabroat, New York; Ann Fahl, Wisconsin; Denise Tallon Havlan, Illinois; Mary Ann Hildebrand, Texas; Marilyn Huntress, North Carolina; Flora Joy, Tennessee; Denise Killingsworth, California; Jan P. Krentz, California; Gloria Loughman, Australia; Susan Madden, Utah; Cathleen Miller, New Mexico; Laurie Miller, Missouri; Barbara Barrick McKie, Connecticut; Lahala Phelps, Washington; Linda M. Roy, Tennessee; Claudia Scheja, Germany; Sieglinde Schoen Smith, Oklahoma; and Molly Waddell, New York.

January 28 through March 25, 2017 - Utah Quilt Guild 40th Anniversary Exhibition

Sixty chapters will be participating.

June, July, and August 2017 (exact dates to be announced) - International Quilt Invitational Exhibition

Some of the participants are Aileyn Ecob, California; Kaye Evans, Utah; Margarete Heinisch, California; Flora Joy, Tennessee; Zena Thorpe, California; and Cathy Wiggins, North Carolina.

2018 - Utah Designer Craftsmen Competition and Exhibition

Details to come.