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Utility Billing

It has come to our attention that some utility users in the City are concerned about their utility bills this month. There are a couple of factors that resulted in higher utility bills for some residents.

1- This month we had a 34 day billing cycle (it is common that some billing cycles are longer while others may be shorter, this is all dependent on when the readings are taken from the meters). In some cases the extra 3 - 4 days could cause users to be charged more for power because they have moved to a new rate tier. It has been determined that a user who is moved from the 2nd tier power rate to the 3rd tier power rate due to the increased number of days in the billing cycle may be charged up to $2.13 more due to the higher rate. However, the vast majority of users will not fit into this group.

2- Another factor that led to higher energy use is that the average daily power usage from June to July 2017 increased 35% for all residential users. Some years the increase has been closer to 20%. Power and usage is often weather dependent. During the billing period of July 2017 the average low temperature at night was 4 degrees higher than during the billing period for July 2016 (source: weatherunderground.com).

If you have any concerns about your bill or need further clarification please contact us during normal business hours at 435-734-6625.