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Brigham City Emergency Management would like the community to be aware of the following flood warning beginning Sunday Jan. 8, 2017. Please share this information.

  • Sunday will warm up to 40 degrees.
  • Rain will begin Sunday through Monday.
  • Areas of concern: Little Bear (and the confluence of the Bear River), Weber Valley rivers. Areas below 5500 feet. Weber County, Cache County, Box Elder County.
  • Likely see 1 inch of rain in a 12 hour period (rain on snowmelt).
  • Monday at 3:00 p.m. is the time when rivers will increase and possible flooding could occur.
  • Concern with increase of flows of rivers and public safety around rivers. Rivers will increase quickly during this 12 hour period.
  • Concern with possibly flooding of basements (areas that have flooded in the past could be flooded again, especially in Ogden area).
  • Concern with culverts and bridges if debris is already in the way.
  • A Flood Advisory will be sent out Saturday and a possible Flood Warning on Sunday.
  • DEM recommends sandbag preparation, culvert cleaning, staffing preparation.