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SR-13 REHABILITATION Main Street to I-15

Work on the North section of SR-13 in Brigham City is about to start. Work will consist of
removal and replacement of asphalt on Main Street, between 620 North and 900 North, as
well as removal and replacement of asphalt along SR-13, between Main Street and I-15. In
addition to replacing the roadway surface, crews will widen the shoulders on SR-13 in specific

During this project access to 450 West and 1000 West will be affected in the area(s) where
crews are working. Access to businesses and residences will be maintained during business
hours. There may be short delays when crews are removing or replacing pavement, or
working in front of driveway approaches.

What to Expect

• Work is expected to begin the last week of April and end by Labor Day
• Crews plan to work Monday through Saturday, 7 am to 5 pm
• Crews may work occasional night hours while removing asphalt

Tentative Schedule of Work

Early to Mid May

Crews plan to begin project with the removal of asphalt in along Main Street. Traffic will
initially be shifted to the east side of the street. Removal of asphalt along SR-13 will begin
near I-15 and head east.

Mid to Late May

Crews plan to begin reconstruction work on Main Street, as well as construct the widen
shoulders along SR-13.

June and July

Crews plan to remove concrete slabs that currently sit under asphalt along SR-13. In order to
do this, crews will be dropping a very heavy weight on in specific areas to crack the concrete.

Mid July

Crews expect to be repaving.

**Schedule is subject to change due to weather or materials availability.

Contact Information     For questions, concerns or email updates contact:

Rosie Fullmer
Hotline: 1-800-278-4282
E-mail: rosie@ja-today.com