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Satisfying Customers is our Greatest Reward!

The mission statement of Brigham City Public Power is to provide consistent and uninterrupted electrical service to the citizens and businesses of Brigham City at an equitable cost and within a reasonable time frame.

Public Power History

In 1904 Brigham City Public Power purchased a power generator and located it at the mouth of Box Elder Canyon. In 1922, as electrical needs increased, they constructed a new hydro power plant that still helps serve over 7,110 residents and businesses. There are 100 miles of distribution and transmission lines including five major substations and two power plants. We also have GIS mapping of all the power utilities in the City that will help us be more efficient in maintenance and to better serve you in emergencies. Brigham City used 159 million KwH last year with a peak demand one month of 33,932 kW.

Citizens Rights & Responsibilities:

Citizens Rights & Responsibilities Document

Energy Conservation & Safety:

Brigham City Public Power takes its mission of safety prevention and energy conservation education seriously, which is why we are offering short lessons and demonstrations to help promote awareness to both electrical safety and energy conservation to any organization or group who may have an interest in this service.

Tom Ammons, Brigham City Public Power's Energy Conservation Specialist, has given safety presentations to various elementary school 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes, scouting groups, and church groups. Brigham City Public Power also participated with the Lincoln Center's Night Out sponsored by the Brigham City Police Department and at the Brigham City Fire Station for Fire Prevention Week where we also gave ideas to assist citizens with energy conservation. With the rising cost of electricity we face, this is always helpful information.

Tom has also made presentations to Box Elder High School for Career Day and to various women's groups on emergency preparedness. We have topics for all ages. Informative pamphlets and additional information are available to all Brigham City citizens and are located at Brigham City Hall, 20 North Main Street, on the 1st floor.

Interested parties may contact Tom Ammons at (435) 734-6625 to schedule presentations.

Educational Links:

What Would You Do In A Power Outage
Overhead Powerlines
Reading Meters
Reading Utility Bill

Refrigerator Recycling Program:

This program is geared toward decreasing residential refrigeration loads through the removal and recycling of inefficient models. The Recycling Program is being offered for existing residential customers who are served by Brigham City Public Power. This plan will include landlords who own appliances in rental properties as well. The Refrigerator Recycling Program will be offered to qualifying citizens of Brigham City until funding for the program is exhausted.

Customers will receive a $20.00 incentive check to discontinue use of their working second refrigerators and/or freezers or to replace their working primary refrigerator and freezers with new more energy efficient models. To qualify for the Refrigerator Recycling Program customers must allow the removal of their existing appliances for recycling. All appliances must be plugged in and working. Size of the appliance is a minimum of 10 cubic feet (utilizing inside measurements).

To ensure that appliances are not resold on the secondary market, any citizen requesting to participate in the Refrigerator Recycling Program will have to agree to collection and removal by Bell X101. This incentive will be available on a maximum of two appliances per qualifying household. All checks will be mailed within 30 days of the appliance collection date.

Tom Ammons
Energy Conservation Specialist
8AM-5PM (Monday - Friday)
Email:  Tom Ammons

General Information:

The Electrical Department services only within Brigham City limits. Brigham City's system consists of the following:

95 miles of distribution and transmission lines
Two power plants
Six substations within Brigham City area
Peak demand as of last year is 34 mega watts
kWh usage last year: 146 million kWh
Total customers served: 7,039

Administrative Staff:

Dave Burnett
Public Power Director
Office: 435-734-6623
Fax: 435-723-8132
Email:  Dave Burnett

Julie Jeppsen
Administrative Assistant
Office: 435-734-6604
Fax: 435-723-8132
Email: jjeppsen@brighamcity.utah.gov