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Forest Street Rail Crossing Analysis - FAQs


What is the purpose of the Forests Street Rail Crossing Analysis?

For many years, Brigham City residents have expressed concern about delays and safety risks related to switching by Union Pacific Railroad. Following City Council meetings in 2011 attended by numerous residents, the Brigham City Mayor and City Council initiated a study to determine what alternatives exist for resolving the rail crossing issue and to recommend a preferred alternative. 

Who is conducting the study, and how were they chosen?

Caldwell Richards Sorensen, an engineering firm based in Farmington, Utah and specializing in railroad related engineering, was selected through a competitive request for proposals process. 

How much will the study cost, and how is it being paid for?

The budget for the Forest Street Rail Crossing study is $80,000. Union Pacific Railroad is paying 50% of the costs ($40,000). Box Elder County is paying 25% ($20,000) and Brigham City is paying 25% ($20,000).

What are the alternatives for the Forest Street rail crossing?

There are three broad categories of alternatives – relocation, overpass, and do nothing. The illustrations on this website provide information on the relocation and overpass alternatives. These drawings are not intended, nor should they be interpreted to be, final plans. The alternatives for the Forest Street crossing will be analyzed and refined during the study process before a final recommendation is determined.

What will the alternatives cost?

No cost analysis has been conducted yet. As the alternatives are refined, the engineer will begin to make estimates of costs.

Who will determine whether to move forward with a final recommendation?

A final determination will be made by the City Council following completion of the analysis, and review by the Planning Commission. During this process the Planning Commission and City Council will consider public input. There will be opportunities during the process for public meetings and public input in a variety of ways.

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact Paul Larsen, Community and Economic Development Director, at (435) 734-6603, plarsen@brighamcity.utah.gov