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Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday

Address: 442 West Forest Street
Phone: 435-226-1400  Cell: 435-730-6685

The Fire Marshal’s office provides fire & life safety inspections for all business licenses, new and existing. We also conduct plan reviews on newly proposed business construction within Brigham City and the city of Perry. In addition to inspections and plan reviews, the Fire Marshal also performs Fire Investigations and issues Burn Permits within Brigham City corporate limits.

Adopted Codes and Standards -


The following information will assist you when calling for a burn permit.

  1. Residential burn permits are only issued during the state’s open burn window. This window is open twice each year. Open burn periods by the State of Utah are:
  • Spring: March 30 – May 30.
  • Fall:     September 15 – October 30.
  1. The Utah Division of Air Quality requires the clearing index MUST be above 500 feet. You may click on the link to see what the clearing index is for the day you wish to burn.

Brigham City is located within index #4.

  1. Residential and Agriculture burn permits are limited to yard waste and/or natural vegetation waste. No burning of cardboard, wood, plastic, or any type of construction waste is permitted. Brigham City provides a “Green Waste Facility” which is open to all Brigham City citizens. Use of this facility is strongly encouraged prior to burning.
  2. Agriculture burning is permitted only if the permit location is located within the “Green Belt”, is used as a mean’s of livelihood, and is greater than five acres. Agriculture burning is also subject to the clearing index height.
  3. Any permitted burning must be at-least 25’ from any combustible materials including structures. (This includes other vegetation, green or dry)
  4. Burn permits may be obtained by calling (435) 226-1400, (435) 723-4071, or in-person during business hours. A site visit may be required by Fire Department personnel prior to burning.

Please note: All costs associated with an out-of-control fire, including damages or responses by the Fire Department, will be the responsibility of the permit holder.