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Energy Conservation

Great Energy Habits to Adopt

Switch to compact fluorescent bulbs. They use a fourth of the energy used by regular bulbs. At work, keep heating and cooling to a minimum. Heating and cooling accounts for half of the total energy use in office buildings. If you have individual thermostat controls, keep the heat set at 65 Fahrenheit and the air conditioning at 76 Fahrenheit. A programmable thermostat can set back the temperature at night. At home, run only full loads in your dishwasher and clothes washer and wash in warm or cold water. Air dry your dishes. In nice weather or in a warm basement, air dry your clothes. Set your refrigerator between 35 and 37 Fahrenheit.

Brigham City Light & Power has a loan program for compact fluorescent bulbs, electronic ballasts for T8 tubes in the four foot fluorescent and 96" fluorescent lighting series. Brigham City is on a loan program with the State Energy Department to construct a tower to measure wind speed in the mouth of Sardine Canyon. This is in preparation to see the feasibility for the city to invest in its own wind generator power system.


Have us conduct an Energy Audit! An energy audit is a systematic approach to gathering information about energy-using systems, including electrical, water, etc. It covers usages, activity levels, and equipment types. The audit includes the following:

  • Billing history
  • On site evaluation
  • Implementation
  • Written report
  • Follow up
Contact Tom Ammons for more energy conservation tips at 734-6625