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Photo: Vying for Peach Queen, circa 1930


                                     Peach Days

                                                                                                  Through the Years


                                            Presenting Photographs and Artifacts


                                                                 By Mary Alice Hobbs


                                                   Sept. 6 through Sept. 28, 2016


        Brigham City’s annual Peach Days is not as noisy as the National Hollerin’ event in North Carolina, or as wacky as the yearly tomato fight in Spain, or as novel as the underwater music festival in the Florida Keys, but it always features a beloved, pictorial display of fruit on the grounds of the old Box Elder County Courthouse.


        The Brigham City Museum of Art and History’s contribution to this year’s harvest celebration is the photography exhibit “Peach Days Through the Years” on view Sept. 6 through Sept. 28. Admission is free. The museum is located at 24 North 300 West. Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. For further information, please phone (435) 226-1439 or visit www.brighamcitymuseum.org.


         Because Peach Days has the distinction of being the longest, continually celebrated, harvest festival in Utah and is reported to be the second oldest in the United States, many photos have been taken and memorabilia collected since its inauguration in 1904, then donated to the museum. On display in the exhibit are images of past fruit displays; parades, including many floats; Peach Days’ royalty; bathing beauties vying for the title of Peach Queen; and special guests, notably Native Americans in ceremonial regalia.


         The popularity of Peach Days fostered other local festivals and fairs, and photos of these special occasions as well as some county and state events are also on view in the exhibit.


         Some of the memorabilia includes a 1907 coin depicting the Brigham City Tabernacle on the front and a platter of peaches on the back, Peach Days’ programs, colorful posters, trophies, newspaper articles, and festival letterhead, to name a few.


         The museum sponsored a Peach Days art competition for many years, and various directors purchased pieces for its collection. Some of them will hang in the gallery, specifically “Big J” painted by Jode Sutton in 1975. The title refers to the Big J Milling Company on Forest Street in Brigham City.


         The museum will also offer a “sneak peek” at a two- and a three-dimensional history exhibit scheduled for spring 2017 about schools in Box Elder County. The dates will be announced in the near future.


         Jennifer Hill, the museum’s Curatorial and Development Assistant, is curating the exhibit. She says, “From slates to tablets, schools in Box Elder County have changed since pioneer settlement. The common experience of attending school varies from person to person, but the impact of an individual’s school attendance continues past the last bell of the senior year.”


         Anyone with photos and artifacts related to the county-wide schools please contact Museum Director Kaia Landon at 435-723-3677 or kaia@boxeldermuseum.org.