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Brigham City Climate

Brigham City has a true four-season climate. Summer is warm and generally dry. Winter is cold but not arctic, with regular snowfall. Spring and fall are transition seasons between these two extremes. The effect of the climate on the Brigham City environment, our mountains, our parks, and our neighborhoods is a source of pride for Brigham City residents.

Average Number of Clear Days (Salt Lake International Airport)  125
Average Number of Partly Cloudy Days (Salt Lake International Airport) 101
Average Number of Cloudy Days (Salt Lake International Airport) 139
Average Annual Maximum Temperature 63.2°
Average Annual Minimum Temperature 38.2°
Record High Temperature/Year 108° / July 1931
Record Low Temperature/Year -27° / February 1933
Average Annual Precipitation 18.46"
Average Number of Days With Measurable Precipitation 73
Average Annual Snowfall 50.0"
Average Annual Number of Days With Measurable Snowfall 19